About The Bureau


Mike Christmas VE3XMS has had to step down temporarily as Bureau Manager and President for health reasons. Effective April 12, 2017, Michael Brickell VE3TKI (formerly Bureau Secretary) and Tony Champion VA3QC, have been elected as Bureau Manager, and Bureau Secretary, respectively. As per the Bureau Bylaw No 1, the Bureau Manager becomes the Bureau President.

International QSL Bureau System:

The International QSL Bureau system was established and is loosely managed by the IARU. QSL bureaus world wide handle Amateur and SWL QSL cards. Some countries do not have bureaus at all, some have only outgoing bureaus while others only provide bureau services (incoming or outgoing) for their members (RSGB & DARC for example).

VA3/VE3 Incoming QSL Bureau:

The Regional Incoming Bureaus (like this one) are staffed by local volunteers. The bureau is not funded or supported by any regional radio clubs or by Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), so it must be operated on a self-funding basis.  Put simply, all the bureau operating costs must be fully funded by you, the user.

The VA3/VE3  Incoming QSL Bureau is managed by Mike Christmas ( VE3XMS / VA3FS ) with the help of dedicated volunteers in Ontario.

The VA3/VE3 Incoming QSL Bureau is for incoming VA3/VE3 cards only.

The Canadian National Incoming QSL Bureau, which distributes cards coming into Canada to the regional incoming bureaus is supported by RAC,  but you do not need to be a member of RAC to use incoming bureau services.  All non-Canadian outgoing cards go to the RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau.

RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau:

RAC supports the Canadian Outgoing QSL Bureau.  You must be a RAC member to use this service.  When you send your cards to the RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau you must include your RAC member number (the first number at the top left of the TCA mailing label) or the mailing label itself. The use of the outgoing QSL bureau is free to you as a RAC member.

There are two addresses involved, depending on whether your outgoing cards are for Canadian or non-Canadian cards.  Cards for Canadian hams are sorted by prefix and sent to the RAC National Incoming Bureau at this address:

RAC National Incoming Bureau
PO Box 51
Saint John
New Brunswick
E2L 3X1

Cards for non-Canadian calls have to be sorted by call sign prefix.  Cards for US calls must be sorted separately as a group.  All non-Canadian cards are mailed to:

RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau
PO Box 11156 Station H
Nepean, Ontario
K2H 7T9

If you include your email address and ask, the Outgoing QSL Bureau will notify you by email when your cards are received.