Using The Bureau

Although the RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau use requires RAC membership, the national and regional incoming bureau services do not and are available for use by all Canadian licensed amateurs and SWLs.

If you wish to have cards received by the VA3/VE3 Incoming QSL Bureau forwarded to you, you must provide the Bureau with funds to cover mailing costs.  You may submit funds using PayPal or by credit card.  Click on the “Deposit Funds” tab for details.

When mailing in your funds please include your current mailing address, email address, phone number and call sign.  If you have more than one call sign please indicate how much you would like to assign to each call sign.  Please do not send cash in the mail.

Please mail in your cheque or money order (at least $10 for each call sign) to the bureau address:

VA3/VE3 Incoming QSL Bureau
PO Box 216
Streetsville, Ontario
L5M 2B8

Please print your call sign on your cheque or money order, and make it  payable to “VA3/VE3 Incoming QSL Card Bureau”.

Once you make your first deposit to indicate you wish to receive your cards, we will notify you when your balance on account drops below $5.00.

If you have preprinted address labels please include some with your cheque or money order.  Please note we are now able to print address labels if you wish us to do so.  The fee for this service  for one call sign is $2.00 for 30 labels.  Please include a note with your cheque or money order if you would like us to provide labels.  Address labels can also be ordered on line.  See the “Deposit Funds” tab for details.

The bureau provides envelopes for card mailings.  Please do not send in envelopes to the bureau, as it creates storage problems for the volunteer mailers.

Our current handling fees are postage costs plus $0.30 for mailings of up to 200g (about 27 cards) or postage costs plus $1.00 for mailings weighing over 200g (for heavy users of the bureau).


VA3/VE3 Incoming QSL Bureau Manager

Michael Brickell VE3TKI